Advice Service

Parent and Carer Alliance C.I.C. understands the huge difficulties families can experience when trying to get the services their children need. One of our aims is to ensure families feel supported in finding their way around the maze of different services, assessments and plans, and to ensure families are given a real opportunity to get their voice heard in the decision-making processes that affect their lives.

Thanks to new grant funding in 2021 from the National Lottery, we are able to build on the success of the Advocacy Service which ran for 6 months in 2020, and provide a broader, longer term, Advice Service.

The Advice Service can adapt to your needs. You may just want to chat through an issue and be signposted to information, or you may need more specialised, individual, specialist support. This might include help preparing for and attending meetings with any agency supporting your child (assessments, reviews, planning meetings, child protection conferences, EHCP reviews, health care planning meetings etc); support to make effective complaints; facilitating meetings between your family and professionals to ensure effective communication; or helping your family through complex procedures, writing letters, putting across your views.

This service comprises of a telephone advice line, which is open 1 to 3 pm Tuesday and Thursday – call 07918 043705 or 07918 043647 and access to Advocates and ‘Experts by Experience’ through our referral process. To make a referral click on the appropriate link below.

Thanks to successfully being awarded funding from The National Lottery Community Fund, we are able to offer some reduced cost funding to families whose children have additional needs, are Associates of Parent and Carer Alliance C.I.C. (click here to Join) and who live in Gloucestershire.

We are unable to offer reduced cost services for families who live outside of Gloucestershire. If this is your situation then we request an initial agreement to fund 4 hours at £40 an hour, a total of £160, on the basis that any unspent money would be refunded. Please ONLY fill in this form if you are happy to proceed on this basis. 

If you are a FAMILY looking to ACCESS the ADVICE SERVICE CLICK HERE and complete the referral form

If you are a PROFESSIONAL looking for SUPPORT for a family please CLICK HERE and complete the referral form

If the Advice Service is able to assist, families are sent an email outlining the aim of the agreed support, who will be providing it, for how long, and any payments that they have agreed to make.

Anyone who accepts support from this Service will be expected to provide feedback on the impact of the support provided, in order that the service can continue to be funded.

If you are interested in supporting and providing advice to families please click here to contact us.

DISCLAIMER The Parent and Carer Alliance provides Advice to empower parents and carers. We do not seek to influence or control your decisions in any way. As such the Parent and Carer Alliance CIC does not accept liability for any loss or damage caused, or alleged to be caused, directly or indirectly by any service listed