Duncan Siret, is a retired social worker. Before retirement he worked with Gloucestershire County Council’s Children Services for 30 plus years. He has been a social worker, social work team manager, Child Protection Conference Team Manager, and Complaints Manager amongst other roles. Duncan has worked with the Parent and Carer Alliance since August 2018 and has built up a lot of experience as a parent advocate. He is a qualified and registered child care social worker (SE no. is SW40073).

When asked for feedback about the Advocacy service previously provided by Parent and Carer Alliance C.I.C., families replied that:

  • Before support 78% of families said they were worried or very worried about resolving their concerns without help
  • 100% said that the Advocacy service was helpful or very helpful
  • 100% of families said that they would recommend the Advocacy service, and 44% of families said they had already done so.

Advocacy Case Study:

Presenting concern: Social worker was talking about putting child through child protection procedures and her parents were terrified she would end up being taken into care

In my role as an advocate to E’s parents I have listened carefully to them explaining what is happening with E, I have spoken to the social worker, especially after a difficult visit to the family or after incidents of violent outburst. I have attended child in need planning and review meetings and given advice to the parents as and when they have needed it. I took the view that these were not bad parents, although they clearly could not cope, and I feel my support has helped to steer the direction of the case away from child protection to a much less confrontational child in need approach. 

Impact: An agreed plan that addresses the emotional needs of E and provides support for her parents; employment of a ‘mentor’ to work closely with E and get her back into school over an extended period; and a push to get a formal assessment of her mental health and emotional needs (which may lead to a diagnosis). The parents said that things feel very different now that they are not being blamed for the difficulties that they are experiencing

Sarah Drake is celebrating her 27th year as a qualified Social Worker in 2023.

Sarah has worked as a Team Manager in Adult Services in South Wales. She is registered with Social Work England (SW49732) and Social Care Wales.

Over her career, Sarah has worked with Adults with physical and learning disabilities both in a social work and provider capacity. She has worked as a Social Worker and Senior Practitioner, in hospitals, physical rehabilitation and Intermediate Care, Adults’ and Children’s Services, in an 18 – 25 Disabilities Service, and as a Team Manager within Adult Safeguarding, Duty and Intake Teams.

Deborah Ryding is an independent Social Worker (SW Reg 113650). She is a dedicated and compassionate independent social worker, specializing in Best Interest Assessments with a wealth of experience in mental capacity, Continuing Healthcare (CHC), and Education, Health, and Care Plan (EHCP) challenges. With a profound commitment to promoting the well-being and rights of vulnerable individuals, Debbie has established herself as a trusted advocate in the field, and and has taken a high number of cases to the Court of Protection supporting the voice of the individual.

Both Lucy Fullard, Louise Arnold, and Alice Gardner, Directors of the Alliance, Parent Carers and ‘Experts by Experience’ offer support to the Advice Service. Between them they have experience of navigating a wide range of issues families face, including Special Educational Needs, EHCP, EOTAS, Tribunal, Judicial Review, Social Care and Direct Payments, Health and Continuing Health Care and Personal Budgets.

DISCLAIMER The Parent and Carer Alliance provides information about Advocacy services to empower parents and carers. We do not seek to influence or control your decisions in any way. As such the Parent and Carer Alliance CIC does not accept liability for any loss or damage caused, or alleged to be caused, directly or indirectly by any service listed.