We can’t believe that it’s been 2  years since setting up the Parent and Carer Alliance C.I.C. and developing ways to support over 900 families who are often isolated, exhausted and overwhelmed trying to understand the multiple processes and legal duties that should ensure the right support for their vulnerable children

We’re hoping to do even more in 2021 and would appreciate any donations you can give to support this, even a single £1 can combine to provide vital support to families when they need it most.

We hope to get back to face to face events and training sessions soon but in the meantime:

£20 pays for a parent carer to be sent a wellbeing box so they can focus on their own needs and take time for themselves and, by joining an online session, have a chance to meet people going through the same experiences as them and lessen their loneliness

£40 pays for an hour of 1:1 time with a specialist Advocate to help families work through how to ensure their child gets the support they should have, or to accompany families to a crucial meeting

£65 pays for a virtual online training day about the law as it relates to their family so that they can apply this knowledge and ensure their child receives support

Please see our Thank you page for details of donations, and if you’d allow us to celebrate your donation with our families on that page please put a note with your donation or email us