Illegal Exclusions

Zoe shares her story about how hard she has fought against her son’s illegal exclusion, and just how little responsibility anyone with any power to help seems to have taken, on Special Needs Jungle.

Their story highlights just how little accountability there is for those willing to break the law and disadvantage SEND children, and just how the current system fails parents who are fighting for their child’s right to an education.

“The anxiety, stress, misery, isolation and lack of opportunity is the ultimate price we pay and these leave scars that may never heal. Those with the power to change things need to do so now. Our government needs to sit up and pay some real attention to this matter. This illegal practice cannot continue to be swept under the carpet with Local Authorities and agencies such as Ofsted and the Department for Education saying its wrong but doing nothing to change things and deter head teachers from practising in such ways.”

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