Who we are – Louise

I am a Mum to two children, both of whom developed long term medical conditions following infections, resulting in them needing both education and social care support, in addition to their health needs.

I met Lucy at a Positive Caring course for Parent Carers many years ago and due to similarities in the needs of our children, and our shared desire to help other parent carers avoid the stresses that we have both had in getting the right support for our families, we became firm friends.

When Lucy started building the Alliance I offered my support and now I help turn Lucy’s visions for improvements into reality by doing the technological support and admin – using Mautic forms and landing pages, as well as Facebook polls and posts to gather information from families to direct the work of the PCA, providing evidence for work with organisations such as the local authority and the NHS, ensuring that training and advice sessions focus on the specific needs of the families attending and providing information for grant funders, as well as updating the website