Who we are – Zoe

I am a Mother to three beautiful children-two sons and a daughter. Alongside having as much fun as I can with my family, I love reading, relaxing in the garden and taking long hot baths whenever life allows me the opportunity!

I have recently qualified as a Social Worker and I am passionate about helping children and their families to feel supported in the most difficult of times. I strive to promote the overall well-being of families who’s lives have been touched by disability. Through my professional role I want to achieve this as much as I can.

However, I cannot hide from the fact that public services are under huge pressures financially and that in this position we will struggle to reach all families who need support; and this was one of the driving factors as to why I wanted to create this Alliance with my dear friend and colleague Lucy.

In these times of austerity, we need to be creative and reach out to support one another in our communities and across the UK to ensure we have access to the support, advice and knowledge we need to take care of ourselves and our loved ones.

Personally, I can relate to many of the emotions and challenges face by parent carers as I am also a parent carer. My eldest son is differently abled, and we have accessed the very best and sadly the worst of services.

I do not want other parent carers to have to go through what my family and many others have before us. During the difficult times I considered what it might be like for those without the knowledge I was lucky enough to gain through my university studies. This was the catalyst for me to want to help all parent carers to be heard and to empower them to find the resources, advice and the emotional support they need. Particularly when parent carers feel they are being ignored or victimised and feel they are powerless to change things. By reaching out things can change for the better and we hope the Parent and Carer Alliance will continue to grow to become a one stop shop for all you may need.

I hope that this group can enable parent carers to connect from all corners of the UK and beyond to create a deeper culture change amongst society to ensure our families are able to feel safe and happy.

Parent carers play a vital role in society and should be respected by professionals and organisations and truly acknowledged as “experts by experience”.

We welcome you to celebrate the incredible role parent carers play and hope that by accessing this group you feel less alone in the often isolating situation we can find ourselves in. Myself and Lucy know we are all stronger together so please join us as an associate and visit our Facebook group.

Sending strength and love,