Welcome to the Parent and Carer Alliance

Do you love, care for and support a child or young person who is differently abled? If so we hope you can JOIN US and gain strength, advice and support from what we offer.

We aim to provide emotional and practical support to all parent carers to empower them to understand their rights. 

Our Family Protect package will provide you with specialist, confidential help when you or your loved ones need it most 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with a dedicated team of therapists providing expert emotional and practical support, as well as access to a team of specialists to provide practical support for money and debt management, legal matters plus parenting, dependent advice and care searches. To find out more click here for our PROTECT page

Our Advocacy service will work to ensure families are given a real opportunity to have a voice in the decision-making processes which affect their lives and to feel more confident in attending meetings with service providers, knowing that the advocate is there for you and working only in your best interests. To find out more click here for the Advocacy Service

We run MEETINGS and EVENTS to give you the support and advice that you need, and – even better, a chance to meet other families who face the same challenges and who  truly understand.