Welcome to the Parent and Carer Alliance


Do you love, care for and support a child or young person who is differently abled? If so we hope you can JOIN US and gain strength, advice and support from what we offer

Our Aims are to ensure that families whose children have additional needs

Feel less alone, more recognised and supported,

Are better prepared and informed

Are able to champion getting the needs of their vulnerable children met


We work to ensure families are given a real opportunity to have a voice in the decision-making processes which affect their lives and to feel more confident in championing getting the needs of their families met

We do this by

Running EVENTS and HOSTING WEBINARS to enable increased understanding of legislation and rights to support,

Providing an ADVICE SERVICE that gives practical advice on how to ensure rights to support are met,

Contributing valuable lived experience when working on local and national projects to improve services

Providing safe spaces for families to meet virtually, and face to face, to share their experiences with others experiencing the same challenges, who truly understand, to alleviate loneliness and have fun


“The Alliance has lessened my sense of isolation and emboldened me to be a more effective advocate for my son when dealing with service providers. I would recommend you consider joining and adding your voice to a growing force for positive change”, and “They are a beacon of hope, a life raft for desperate parents to be supported, guided, educated and cared about".