SEN Support services

Parent and Carer Alliance recognise the expenses involved when acquiring tribunal and SEN support
services. We offer a range of paid SEN support services to families who would like us to undertake the administration tasks related to their EHCP/Appeal. As a Community Interest Company (CIC) we have tried to keep these services as affordable as we can, whilst covering our costs and helping us to continue to support families.


If you have not had support from the Alliance Advice service before and are not sure what you need, then all of our support services will start with a free 30-minute Advice Consultation to enable us to gather the required information from you and advise you as to the services you need.

Our advice service staff are not legal advisers, nor are they providing legal advice. Parent and Carer Alliance CIC accepts no liability for, nor do we guarantee, success at Tribunal.

If you decide to proceed then you are accepting support on this basis – complete the form in as much detail as possible and our advocate will be in touch.

The available SEND Support services, EOTISC Package and Independent Assessments, are summarised below. For a more detailed description click here.

Click here to make a request for this support.

SEND Support

Attendance at a mediation appeal                        £142.50
Based on a 2 hour online meeting, additional travel costs if you request attendance in person

Application for appeal/amendment of appeal:

  • Refusal to Assess                                           £190
  • Refusal to issue/Contents Appeal (B,F &I)   £142.50

EHCP or Working Document check                        £142.50
Check of either EHCP or the working document focusing on language, appropriate outcomes and whether provision is specified and quantified

Enhanced EHCP or Working Document check     £332.50
As above check with additional identification of up to three professional report recommendations, with input into all relevant sections of the EHCP template or Working Document.
Additional reports can be included at £47.50 per hour (to a pre-agreed maximum)

Professional report check                                      £47.50 per hour
Ensuring that the language and content is appropriate for the purpose required with written recommendations 

EOTISC Package

Advice consultation                                                 £95
1hour telephone consultation, reading the EHCP, followed by a written summary of suitability of EOTISC – cost

EOTISC Proposal                                                       £950
If you then wish to proceed, the production of a comprehensive written EOTISC proposal including costed Personal Budget and weekly timetable

Case Management                                                 £237.50 for 5 hours    

In addition to the services listed above, we can also offer a case management service which includes 5 hours of support with administration tasks related to the appeal, preparation for the hearing and emails, as required

We have a large number of families requesting help and as our advocates are parent carers themselves, there might be a short delay responding to your request. We will endeavour to be in touch within 3 working days, however this may be longer during busy periods.