MULTI-SPORTS DAY Tuesday April 2nd 10am-3pm

Oxstalls Sports Arena Gloucester, Tewkesbury Road, Longford, GL2 9DW

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All activities are flexible and young people can choose from many different activities, choosing to do what they want, when they want- the event is entirely designed to provide many different options. Join us for new experiences with fantastic staff and a huge range of equipment.

YuGo provide a variety of sports, games and activities – some of which are more individual, others than take part playing in teams. Whatever works best for you, we’ve got you! YuGo are a group of enthusiastic coaches and instructors who provide accessible sports, games and activities! We all work for Allsorts Gloucestershire, too, where we provide a range of multi-disability sports clubs. We love to get to know new people, have fun and find a sport, game or activity that you will enjoy taking part in. We never put you under pressure to take part in something you don’t want to, but we will always encourage you to be active at a level that feels comfortable for you. Come over and say hello so we can get to know each other!

Activities include Boccia, End-Ball, Softball, Spikeball Bounce, New Age Bowling, Target Throwing, Flip The Hoop, and many more fun and interactive games which are especially welcoming if you don’t like taking part in busy team games.

We also have Sensory Games – join us for a range of calm, easy to access games and exercises, designed to help us feel comfortable and happy. We can spend some time making waves with the parachute, or feeling the different textures of different objects, or chilling out to some music. Whatever we do, we’re doing it at a pace that feels comfortable.

We have also will have a mobile Magic Carpet. Have you seen them in action before? This is an amazing sensory experience and very accessible.


Book now to come to Westonbirt – the perfect place for you to escape, relax or have an adventure! Take a journey up into the canopy on the STIHL Tree Top Walkway, stop by the café for a tasty treat, or search for the nature superheroes that are emerging in spring. Click here for more information about Westonbirt

Meet us at 11am at the entrance, once inside the Arboretum, you can do as you wish and are free to explore.

The entry costs for disabled children, their siblings and their carers will be funded by the Alliance. Any additional adults attending will need to pay their own entry cost.

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Tuffley Lane, Gloucester GL4 0AS

SkillZONE is Gloucestershire’s life-size safety village where learning to stay safe is never dull.

Experience home, fire, 999 and road safety scenarios and learn about making safer choices in different scenarios whether that is at home, while travelling or taking part in activities. Click here to find out more.

Each child/young person must be accompanied by a parent/carer who will take responsibility for their safety – the carer place is free.

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