Who we are – Lucy

I am mum to my three gorgeous children. I previously worked as a foster carer and currently work in independent support for adults with learning disabilities and have developed knowledge in all these areas.

My eldest daughter is my inspiration for creating the Parent and Carer Alliance. She has complex needs and our family has struggled to receive services and support.

We want to help other families feel well informed and supported in any times of need. The result of an overstretched system with even less time and money for professionals to understand and meet needs can be disastrous for many, many, families, and I hope that we can re balance the gulf of power between families and professionals.

There is no guide book for the path that our bundles of joy may take us along. However there needs to be a culture shift.

Parents need to be better informed and aware that the journey can be difficult, and we hope to give Parents and Carers the Care, Protection and expertise to assist you on your own journey.

With much love and prayers

Lucy x